About our centre

London Carriage Preschool and Nursery is privately owned and operated. Established in 1994, . The centre is licensed by the NSW Government Department Education and Communities for 39 places. We aim to provide an exceptional quality service for children from 24months to 5 years of age, supported with significantly lower child to carer ratios and higher levels of trained staff than recommended. We offer a very structured preschool/school readiness programme.

Better Educator Ratios and Qualifications

Substantial research shows higher qualified educators improve outcomes for children. The higher their qualifications, the greater their understanding of child development, health and safety issues.
Here at London Carriage we have better child to educator ratios and the qualifications of our educators. All Educators will hold First Aid qualifications, have Working with Children Checks completed and attend monthly Educators’ meetings.
London Carriage employs a variety of staff to meet the needs of your children. They include two Early Childhood Teachers, staff with Diploma in Children’s Services, Child Care Workers with training and experience.
This allows our educators to be better equipped to lead activities that inspire children and help them learn and develop.
The London Carriage staff work as a team, sharing in discussions on policies, programming, activities and responsibilities. Our Educators are continually evaluating how our curriculum meets the education needs of our children and reflecting on ways to improve children’s learning and development. They are encouraged to attend further professional training and development.

Grouping of Children

The centre is divided into three groups: Rainbow Group (2 turning 3 years), Star Group (3 turning 4 years), and Sun Group (4 turning 5 years Preschool Group).

Children are grouped according to observed behaviour, develop and to maintain detailed and relevant records and appropriate curriculum. Opportunities are provided for individual, small group and whole group experiences, as well as mixed age group experiences. The staff’s knowledge of child development, EYLF learning outcomes and the Department of Community Services childcare regulations are used to determine various group experiences and supervision of children.

Family involvement

We have an “open door” policy for parents. Parents are welcome anytime to visit and are encouraged to telephone the centre if they would like to know how their child is getting on.   Parents are invited to participate in group times and any activities organised by the centre (cooking, singing, craft, story telling etc. with the children). Children enjoy their parents participating in activities and it is a wonderful opportunity to learn more about the centre and how your child spends their day. Parents are encouraged to share information about their child with staff members and to raise any particular concerns as required. Communication between staff and family is crucial to the well being of your child. There is also a slideshow in the foyer for all groups which gives a holistic outline of the children’s  day.

Suggestion Box

A suggestion box is at the parents Sign In/Out table for parents to make suggestions, comments and requests. Your thoughts are appreciated and are noted when planning for the children. Parents are also welcome to talk directly to staff and the director. We very much welcome your thoughts, ideas, suggestions and comments about our service.